Inspiring Resources for Primary Schools.


The Active Links Learning resources use real-world contexts to make lessons meaningful and motivating for pupils.


Reduce Planning Time

The Active Links Learning resource packs provide everything teachers need to teach inspiring lessons.

The resource packs include

  • Full original lesson plans
  • Relevant Curriculum For Excellence links
  • Photocopiable resources

All resource packs are designed to be used long term, from a few weeks to a full term.


Increase Physical Activity

There is a growing body of research linking increased physical activity with increased concentration and academic performance. The need for physical movement is clear to see when young children play.

The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum of 60 minutes moderate to vigorous activity each day for 5 – 17 year olds yet the Scottish Health Survey in 2015 found that only 73% of children met this guideline.

Active Links Learning resources promote physical activity as a normal part of daily life and learning.


Engage Pupils

The Active Links Learning approach uses real-world contexts to make lessons meaningful to pupils. When teaching and learning are grounded in the real-world, pupils are engaged and motivated to learn.



There are a wealth of resource packs available to teachers. None are as wide-ranging in their approach as Active Links Learning.