‘Get Active’ is a unique and exciting teaching resource. 


The ‘Get Active’ Interdisciplinary Learning Toolkit features everything teachers need to teach across the curriculum within the real-world context of physical activity. Physical activity in the toolkit means everyday physical activities, as opposed to PE and organised sport.

Teaching activities are fully planned, resourced and linked to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. The toolkit includes resources for the full Primary School range from Nursery to Primary 7.




Some Key Features of the ‘Get Active’ Toolkit:

  • A detailed research plan and template for creating a School Travel Plan, with pupils involved in all steps of the plan.
  • A huge range of suggested whole class reading books, with ideas and resources for follow-up activities.
  • Extended numeracy projects linked to walking and step counting.
  • A multi-week homework project to highlight physical activity targets for children and their carers
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